Yes, you can participate in Art for Everyone. All you need is some kind of digital camera (smartphone, tablet, compact or SLR), an Instagram account, and a creative eye.

Conditions of entry

To include images in Art for Everyone, you must post them on Instagram with the project hashtag #artinstaky (and if you want to post as part of a school, photography or art group, add an extra group hashtag).

By using the project hashtag, you agree that your image:

  • is an original image taken by you and posted to your account
  • does not infringe anyone else’s copyright
  • can be reposted or shared on our social media accounts
  • can be printed for the exhibition at the Kyabram Town Hall
  • can be supplied by you as an original JPG image (for better print quality), if requested.

Participation is open to anyone over the age of 13 (to meet Instagram’s terms of use), regardless of where you live.

Your Instagram account

Your Instagram account must be set to public access so we can see your images. You can always create a new public Instagram account for this project, and keep your private account private.

Your images

Use any device, post any number of images, on any topic

Images can be taken with any device. And you can post as many images as you like. Any topic is fine, but we are looking for creativity.

Square images are best

We have a STRONG preference for images in the original Instagram square format. You can still enter images in landscape format. We’re just more likely to select images for the exhibition if they’re square.

Don’t watermark your images

Some people put a copyright watermark over their images. We won’t be printing watermarked images for the exhibition.

You retain copyright of any images we use.  And for the exhibition, we’ll produce a catalogue that identifies the creator of each image (based on information provided on your Instagram account).

Don’t overdo filters

Post-processing is allowed. Be aware that some Instagram filters make images look interesting on screen, but affect the print quality of your image. Use filters sparingly.

High res images are best

To print well, your image needs to be high resolution. Images are best taken with smartphones from 2014 onwards (for instance, iPhone 4S or later).

You can still post lower resolution images in the project. But we may not be able to print them for display in the exhibition at the Town Hall.